Across all the categories of fundraising statistics that we’ve examined, it’s clear that nonprofits of all sizes routinely leave a lot of potential revenue on the table. Philanthropic giving continues to grow, but organizations should be prepared to pursue new opportunities as they emerge. Demographic changes, growth in corporate giving trends, and the dominance of mobile web browsing must all be taken into account when developing updated fundraising strategies in the coming years.

Demographic Fundraising Statistics:

Donation revenue and interest in philanthropy continues to grow across the board, but it’s still essential that nonprofits prepare to adapt their strategies to shifting demographic preferences. Pursuing diverse engagement methods that include events and volunteer opportunities continues to be a smart move.

Online Fundraising Statistics:

Overall online revenue increased by 23% over the past year, up from 15%. Online donations to environmental and human rights-related missions grew the most, 34% and 37% respectively. 38% of online donors who made a gift in 2016 made another gift to that nonprofit the next year. Revenue from individual online gifts grew by 19% over the past year.

Mobile Fundraising Statistics:

Online donation pages had an average conversion rate of 8% on mobile devices last year, but the number of transactions completed through mobile devices increased by 50%. The number of donations completed through desktop browsers decreased by 10%. Half of all nonprofit website traffic last year came from mobile and tablet users. The share of desktop-based traffic decreased by 9% over the previous year.

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Digital marketing for nonprofits has its high points and challenges. Content marketing, mainly through blogging and social media posts, represents an important opportunity for organizations to engage with their communities and grow their online visibility. Email, while still an effective and central digital marketing medium, requires more and more strategy.


The scope of these research is to give JAZZTOWN USA DEVELOPMENT LLC a general market view, trends and statistics of the services she is about to offer. Also, to see how it can turn the market table to its own favor, by using this analysis to gain edge in the industry.


Before arriving at the conclusion of developing our business, we conducted our feasibility studies and market survey and we were able to identify those who will benefit greatly from our service offerings. As a result, we found that United States just might be our best bet, as we are sure to target the Jazz & Blues Musicians.


Building a cycle of partners and volunteers may take time The pandemic has affected the income of most people, so more are looking to receive than giving out. Company goals may be delayed because of insufficient funds


The SWOT analysis includes the Strength and Weakness possessed by JAZZTOWN USA DEVELOPMENT LLC and the Opportunities and Threat we face as challenges as we go into day-to-day activities and business operations.


Opportunity to operate our business that stands for uniqueness and exceptionality in the United States. Our non-profit organization focuses primarily on providing assistance to low income Jazz Musicians’ individuals and families. Increasing local and national population Opportunity to run a successful and effective organization Opportunity to compete and secure a strong position in the industry


Highly experienced, credible and determined owners United and reputable management team Competitive and affordable pricing system for easy and quick market penetration Our unshakable plan to create a business model that attract prospective clients


The possibility of business imitation The need to grow rapidly over the next 3-5 years The necessity to secure substantial capital injections to foster growth One of the major threats that confront businesses all over the world is economic downturn; when the economy is bad it affects peoples spending which in turn affects businesses negatively.

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Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.